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Dining Out

Barra is responsible for some of the tastiest fish, lobsters, crabs and prawns you'll find anywhere in the world. Most of what's harvested from the sea is sent abroad where it fetches a tidy sum, but you will find some of up for grabs locally. Check before you order, and take advice from the locals: they'll soon tell you which places use local ingredients and who can and can't cook. And of course, you can always consult TripAdvisor.

In Castlebay, Cafe Kisimul is a small Indian fusion restaurant close to the ferry terminal, while both hotels (the Craigard and the Castlebay) are open for meals to non-residents and serve a wide variety of dishes.

At the north end of the island, you'll find the Heathbank Hotel in Northbay and for a light lunch, you might like to stop in at the Airport Cafe.

Both the Castlebay and the Craigard Hotel have nice views out across the bay, but make sure to reserve a window table if that's what you want. Cafe Kisimul is tiny, so booking is recommended there whatever the season.

Whisky Galore

Though island life can bring many shortages, the locals have made sure they will never run out of bars. All the hotel bars are open to the public, and are generally well-used by islanders and visitors alike.

Then there is the Castlebay Bar - a utilitarian box of a building that stands next to its more elegant sister hotel and is generally known as just 'The Bar'. Though not much to look at, this island institution is spacious and friendly, and you can sit outside and soak up the views across to Vatersay.

Castlebay Bar

The Bar is well known for it's raucous live music nights when the crowds pile in and the place gets close to bursting at the seams, particularly if The Vatersay Boys are playing. Keep an eye on the Bar's Facebook Page for event details.

The public bar in the Craigard Hotel is another spot for good live music, and while you're in Barra look out for ceilidhs and dances in the various community halls around the Island.

Island Highlights

There are so many reasons to make Barra your next holiday destination but here are just a few...

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