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As the island's main harbour and biggest settlement, Castlebay has the lion's share of the island's amenities.

On your doorstep you'll find the "Butcher's" shop which actually sells the island's petrol, newspapers and groceries; Kisimul Cafe serving Indian & Italian and local seafood to sit-in or take away as well as the Post Office with Macroon's tea-room attached. From the small slip at the bottom of the street, you can board the boat to visit the historic Kisimul Castle.

Within a two minute walk from Granny's, you'll bump into one of two main island hotels - Craigard to the east and the Castlebay Hotel to the west.

Both hotels serve meals to sit-in or take-away and in summer months you'll often find live music throughout the weekends. Just past the Castlebay Hotel, there is the local Buth Bharraigh that specialises in all things crafted and made locally. They also have bicycles to rent and a launderette. Just past the Buth on the shoreline, you'll see the `Deck` which sells lunches, ice-cream and Hebridean toffee made locally.

Keep going along the main road and you'll reach the Castlebay Sports Centre and Swimming Pool with the Co-op opposite. Beside the Co-op is the kids playpark, football pitch and tennis courts.

Here too, you'll also find the amazing Padula's Island Store that sells just about everything you could ever need. Beside Padula's is our local gin distillery...

Island Highlights

There are so many reasons to make Barra your next holiday destination but here are just a few...

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