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Barra's Airport

Sight-seeing at an airport doesn't sound like much fun, but a trip to Barra's unique air terminal isn't just for plane-spotters. Twice a day, the landing strip is submerged beneath water and the little twin-engine plane can only land when the tide is out and the wind is right.

With most guests arriving in Barra by ferry, it's the lucky few who get the thrill of a touch down on the cockle strand after a scenic flight over the islands. But just seeing the plane land and take-off is an experience in itself, and on most days there'a a small crowd of onlookers standing by with cameras.

Air travel, barra-style, is an informal affair: a wee cafe keeps visitors supplied with tea and cakes, and behind the airport are some amazing dunes and a beautiful sandy beach. For timetables and flight bookings, head over to Loganair.

The flight from Glasgow to Barra is one of a kind - but you still find it everywhere, including Rough Guide's list of Ten Great UK Journeys.

Island Highlights

There are so many reasons to make Barra your next holiday destination but here are just a few...

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