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Kisimul Castle

No visit to Barra is complete without a visit to this medieval stronghold. Kisimul's walls rise up from it's own little craggy island, in the perfect location to watch over the boats at anchor in Barra's main harbour.

Daily excursions to Kisimul leave from Castlebay's jetty, and kids will love the little boat trip across as much as they'll love the castle itself. You can check times and get tickets over at Historic Scotland.

This jerky but still watchable youtube clip is from The Hebridean Trail which was shown on BBC Scotland a while ago. We'd encourage you to buy the DVD from Mountain Media, but you could probably find it on Amazon if you're comfortable with their tax-dodging shenanigans.

Island Highlights

There are so many reasons to make Barra your next holiday destination but here are just a few...

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